Yoga – Pilates class with a professional instructor



With a balanced combination of tightening exercises, yoga and relaxing techniques we will recharge you with positive energy and pleasant emotions.

Suitable for people of all ages with different levels of physical activity.

It is recommended for overcoming stress and back pain.


Yoga stretching

 Every Saturday from 15:00h 

/Duration: 60 minutes /

    * * *


 Every Tuesday 16:30h 

/Duration: 60 minutes /


Need prior confirmation on our Reception.


Free for all guests of the complex!


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Benefits of Yoga stretching - Increase body flexibility. Increase strength of the body and helps to improve immunity. Yoga stretching has a tonic effect by reducing nervous tension and at the same time muscle strengthening is achieved without creating excess volume, as in heavy exercise.

It is based on the latest medical research on the functioning of the human body when moving.

Benefits of practicing Pilates - Pilates activates the metabolism - the body's function regulating energy use. During training, the muscles are toned and their strength and endurance are increased, while helping to shape the figure. Increases flexibility and improves posture.